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micro finance pdf download

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  • Kalpana Sankar, a nuclear physicist. Their model focuses on enterprise development and job creation. However, they do have a strong microfinance program aimed at serving those at the download bottom of the pyramid who have no option in the mainstream market. The case gives an overview of the microfinance micro in Kenya detailing downlkad challenges such as inadequate rownload infrastructure however it also demonstrate the tremendous growth opportunities.

    Given the opportunities and challenges currently present in the microfinance micro in Kenya and keeping in mind HiH business model should HiH Eastern Africa expand the scope and lending cap of its downnload finance loans? Winner of the Paul Davidoff award! This is a book about poverty but it does not study the poor and the powerless; instead it studies those who manage poverty.

    It sheds light on how powerful institutions control "capital," or circuits of profit and investment, as well as "truth," or authoritative knowledge about poverty. Mkcro dominant finance are challenged by alternative paradigms of development, and the book details these as well. Using the case of microfinance, the book participates in a set finance fierce debates about development — from the role of markets to the secrets of successful pro-poor pdf. Based on many years of download in Washington D.

    The purpose of the 'Microfinance Handbook' is to bring together in a single source guiding principles and tools that will promote sustainable microfinance and create viable institutions. Drawing on its extensive experience in helping restructure and reform financial systems, the World Bank examines the state downlaod African domestic financial systems in a global comparison. It identifies promising trends as well as pinpointing the major shortcomings that are observed across sub-Saharan Africa.

    Policy recommendations finanfe between those designed to make finance a more effective driver of economic growth and those designed to give low income, small-scale and other excluded groups better pdf to financial services.

    Since its emergence in the s, microfinance has risen to become one of the most high-profile policies to address poverty in developing and transition countries. It is beloved of rock stars, movie stars, royalty, high-profile politicians and 'troubleshooting' economists. In miceo provocative and controversial analysis, Milford Bateman reveals that microfinance doesn't actually work.

    (PDF) NOTES ON MICROFINANCE | Jose Linares Fontela - moveweight.co

    In fact, the case for it has been largely built on hype, on egregious half-truths and — latterly — on the Wall Street-style greed of those promoting and working in microfinance. Using a multitude of case studies, from India to Cambodia, Bolivia to Uganda, Serbia to Mexico, Bateman demonstrates that microfi nance actually constitutes micro major barrier to sustainable economic and social development, and thus also to sustainable poverty reduction.

    As developing and transition countries attempt to repair the devastation wrought by the global financial crisis, Why Doesn't Microfinance Work? The New Microfinance Handbook provides a detailed overview of client financial service needs, the various providers and financial products and services that meet those needs, and the supporting functions that allow the financial market system to provide download, more appropriate financial services to the poor sustainably.

    Microfinance institutions MFIs provide a public good; if MFIs create and deepen markets where none existed before, there may be a case for public support. This book is based on a study of 45 MFIs, and applies factor analysis and cluster analysis to show that MFIs form clusters in terms of social and financial performance. A major source of financing for the poor and no longer a niche industry Over the past four decades, microfinance—the provision of loans, savings, and insurance to small businesses and entrepreneurs shut out of traditional capital markets—has grown from a niche service in Bangladesh and a finance other countries to a significant global source of financing.

    Some million people globally now receive support from microfinance institutions, with most of the recipients in the developing world. In the beginning, much of the microfinance industry was managed by non-governmental organizations, but today the majority of finance institutions are commercial and regulated by governments, and they provide safe places for the poor to save, as well as offering much-needed capital pdf other financial services.

    Now out of infancy, the microfinance industry faces major challenges, including its ability to deal with mobile banking and other technology and concerns that some markets are now over-saturated with microfinance. How the industry deals with these and other challenges will determine whether it will continue to grow or will be subsumed within pdf larger global financial sector.

    This book is based on the results of a workshop micro Lehigh University among thirty-four leaders in the industry. The editors, working with contributions from more than a dozen leading authorities in the field, tell the important story of how microfinance developed, how it has met the needs of hundreds of millions of people, and they address key questions about how it can continue to meet those needs in the future.

    Skip to content. Making Microfinance Work. Making Microfinance Work Book Review:. Making microfinance work. Making microfinance work Book Review:. Middle East and North Africa Region. Human Development Group,World Bank. Making Microfinance Work for Agriculture. Author : John J. Making Insurance Work for Microfinance Institutions.

    Can Microfinance Work. Can Microfinance Work Book Review:. Other than download our business we have to carefully manage the loans, i.

    Making Microfinance Work ebook PDF | Download and Read Online For Free

    In conclusion, based on the deep analysis of the market and pdf we believe that we have an opportunity to operate pdf this field due micro its limited practice in Egypt as well as its crucial needs nowadays, as millions of people are suffering poverty in our country. Success of Micro finance has been achieved in countries such as Bangladesh and India which proves that we have a good chance of success if we were able to manage our operations micro. More demographic information and download can be located in Exhibit E.

    Target Customer Strategy We offer to both male and female clients however husbands are usually less approving about the idea that their wife gets a loan. They are conservative in nature and have a strong cultural link. This means that we have to make the customers aware of what we do and the benefits of taking loans from us. Those who are old enough, at least 21 years and able to hold responsibility to take a loan, will be qualified to take a loan from our organization. Buying Decisions Through the finance we will found the most important finance to the consumer is download loan itself and the services provided.

    Based on this information we have concluded that our business should focus on both providing reasonably priced loans and services such as seminars to customers. Conflicting with our interview one of the concerns of was the distance contradicting to our survey that distance was a problem.

    However we are trying to provide an excellent quality service to our customers and so services are provided finance our branches but contact can be through our representative or through mobile phones. There are also benefits for repeat customers, those who prove to us they are responsible in taking loans. Payment will be through cash, however instead of going micor the way to our branches and paying transportation fees, our local representative can collect the money at certain hours.

    Customer Understanding Our most appealing attribute is that we will pdf providing a micfo for a segment that previously did not have access to it. It is important that we make sure the customer understands that we have downloaf legitimate business and work to help the people not download them otherwise the customer will not feel safe in taking a loan. The micro the customer will receive will not be immediately realized it will perhaps take at least a week for the customer to realize that his or her business is succeeding.

    However this differs from one business to another. Also according to our surveys the customers would like to receive smaller loan over a long period of time. Currently, we plan on opening one ground floor apartment branch in Ain Shams, which is within our target area where vownload people would need the loan. While there is some communication by our pdf representatives such as informing our target customer about our service and telling them how they can get loan, the representatives main purpose is to supervise those who have obtained loans, monitor downlozd progress, and ensure they are making money to be able to repay the loan.

    Most actions will take place in our office, where the customer, comes to us and requests a loan. Positioning Our organization is in direct competition with no less than two main micro-financers: LEAD Micro, which primarily focuses on rownload loan giving, and the other, Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, which focuses more on training rather than direct loans.

    The position we want to uproot in the minds of our target market is that of a secure, and trusted micro-finance organization that will help the customer fibance and succeed, by firstly providing them with download initial capital to do so, followed cownload monitoring, training, and aiding in their growth. Our success, with your growth. Branding Strategy We want the customer to see us as more than a micro-finance institution, we want the consumer to think that we are growing with them, that we are here for the long run to prosper when other prosper.

    The jicro is one of support and unity, our finance are to assure good quality, and all our members are treated with respect. We try to show people that they can do more than they have been told.

    micro finance pdf download

    We try to foster an attitude of self-growth, to have finace dream and strive to achieve it to be better than who you are now. With all this encouragement it would help people take more initiative and increase their drive to succeed. Pricing Strategy As we take on the challenges set by up starting an organization, we realize the importance of applying an effective pricing strategy in the early stages of our organization that could enable us to engage with our targeted customers from our first year.

    In addition, the price we set for clients will be valued when we communicate our products and services to them in a clear and simple way. This rate is very similar, if micro the same, to the average market rate here in Egypt. Our organization is entering a market with several competitors that have succeeded and built a decent history.

    With our strategy, we plan on existing and competing straight away, since we have added exceptional value to our price and package. Micro products and services that we offer may be influenced over the next five years depending on the economy of the country. Prices of our interest may change if our inflation rate changes to the higher or lower. Also, the perceived risk might be an influential. However, in both scenarios, changes will only occur annually.

    We micgo found solid statistics from our local competitors that exhibit the desire of potential customers and their approval of these prices. Our two main competitors, but can be described as co-existing rivals, are located in greater Cairo, which our area is embodied in. Our competitors are the Lead Organization, which have fibance, active borrowers, and average a loan under L.

    Overall, these are spectacular results within a short period of time that show signs of great growth potential in what we can call an untapped market. Our organization will offer a similar rate with our frequent services that include consultancy and workshops for our clients. As business majors, it is our responsibility to guide them and advise them along the way to help them avoid any risks and enjoy success. Also, we intend on holding workshops that will be sponsored by privileged business men, which can help enhance the skills and experience of our clients and help increase the chance of success for their businesses.

    Through these distinct services, we can emerge as a competitive organization in the entire market. Many companies are able to market and communicate their products and services via download sites. However, the field of microfinance targets the poor sector and it is unlikely that much of our desired audience has access to finance, let alone download based knowledge. Our organization is intending to use social networking mjcro, like Facebook to target other companies that are willing to give funding for our initial capital, like Pdf, to provide training for our loaned customers, increase our organizations exposure via the web.

    The customers will be pfd trained and aware of the projects they wish to seek, and will learn nicro past experiences of successful stories. The group will be updated frequently to stay in touch and welcome pef institutions that wish to sponsor these lectures and seminars and in return have their names recognized to what they have contributed to our customers. We expect a minority of customers to visit local internet cafes, and we can advertise our group and site near them and on Facebook itself.

    We are mainly targeting Facebook, since finance gained a remarkable reputation as a key player in the Egyptian Revolution two months ago. Communication Strategy There are various ways of communicating, but since we are under financial constraint, there are limited funds and applications to be used in conveying our products and services to our targeted customers in the area of Al-Matariya Ein Shams.

    Our strategy looks pdf be aggressive, effective, credible, and attempts to be at a minimal cost as well. The advertising campaign will be launched in different parts of the area.

    (PDF) Microfinance Bussiness Plan | Abdelrahman Hennawy - moveweight.co

    On Friday, for several weeks after the prayers, we will have local representatives on standby to pass out simple and primitive advertisements papers and cards to the large finance of people exiting the mosques after the prayers. This is cost saving strategy, as the single paper handed out will include the name of our company, product and service, features, and the address of our headquarters in the same area.

    Also, on the following Sunday, we will weekly have on this day representatives passing out papers to potential clients that are exiting the Church as well. Also, the plan targets raising six large advertisement banners that are finance be placed above the important traffic lights and squares in the area. The banners will include information on the awareness events such pdf the name of the company name, day and time of the assembly, address of our headquarters.

    We must allow the audience in attendance of the event to engage with the guests by allowing them to have all their questions answered about the loan and microfinance projects. In our 2nd assembly, we as a management and board of directors will appear to the neighbors of the area after expecting to have gained acceptable credibility from the guests of the first event. After our events, we expect interested applicants to approach our representatives. There will be a procedure to follow up on that.

    Any interested potential customers download be asked to leave their files and information with our representative and will receive a phone call to revisit us when after their papers have been processed. This is important so we have an idea about the applicant and arrange certain questions customized for them to answer upon their returning visit. Sales Strategy Everything we built up to this point comes down to the end result of selling our services.

    We have emphasized that the success of this plan depends on how well we successful is our sales pdf. After our applicants are asked to provide us with documents and files about themselves and their potential businesses if possible, we will interview micro based on the available information and shortlist those that we see are eligible for loans.

    We intend to focus on potential clients that have work experience and already have existing businesses, but have a liquidity dilemma. If we approve the loan, we will seek a lawyer to provide us with professional contracts that are clear and just in the rights micro both parties. The lawyer will be asked to provide amendments that require for the client to be committed to the payments and must have a sponsor or insurer that either possesses a good reputation in the area or a relative of the client in any other area.

    Any convenient connection between the two parties will pave way to a engaging and bonding business relation. It must be a versatile report covering aspects of the projects costs, fees, and profits. The intended period for them to start paying back their loans must not start before months, as we try to understand that costs and delays will take time and that patience on both sides will help build a loyal and committed partnership. Revenue Model The organization has to be built on clear basis that propels us to the next stage, which is forecasting the upcoming years that will serve us a benchmark on the welfare of our business.

    Our customers will be the focal point to achieving the revenues we projected through the success of our sales. The potential customers we are interested in come in different forms of qualification. Also, clients with certain work experience and their field of work. In addition, we look to focus on complementing those that have existing businesses, but lack liquidity or need small loans to boost their business operations.

    Our loan officers, that include members from the neighborhood, will provide us with download on inexperienced clients with new projects, since it is riskier; it will require cautious monitoring if approved. Loan officers will be crucial in following up and minimizing the risk of our loans with their status in the neighborhood. The contract fees to each client will be 40 L.

    As a start up organization, we only haveL. On our first year, we expect to launch a portfolio consisting of loans.

    Item Preview

    Our loan portfolio is expected to amplify as we receive monthly installments from our clients; we will relend some of it out to new borrowers and use a small portion for our costs. On our first year, we expect the loan portfolio to be aroundL. With the following year, we expect downliad portfolio to reach 1, loans; propelling the amount of loans to new heights at 1, L.

    Therefore, we expect to reach a pdt net income at 14, L. E pounds. Our management decided to apply download 6 year revenue model since the 6th year witnesses a leap in amount of loans and net income micro our revenue begins to clearly pvf after the first finance years. With the fees, interest and relending, our total income by year 6 should reachL. Operations Plan A. We previously decided on not using expensive advertising for our service as we will be acquiring a nicro capital at the beginning instead we would rely on local representatives who are well informed about the service and are willing to attract credit worthy clients.

    We will also arrange public events in the targeted area where we could inform the largest number of people at lower costs. The internet would also be a tool, yet not a main one, to advertise our service.

    We would be using social networking sites like face book to update other organizations with our continuous success. We are also planning on designing our own website that will be handled fonance one of our members who acquires a great experience in designing online websites. Minor improvements will be added to the apartment such as office furniture to enable it to seem more professional for our clients.

    We will be recruiting our staff based on their acquired Diplomas and their experience in this field, focusing on selecting the most professional since our operations are highly dependent on the skills of the staff, which will be responsible for handling ginance entire loan process that begins with determining the creditworthiness of a borrower and ends at full downloaad of the loan.

    The staff is required to operate five days a week Sunday-Thursdayfive hours a day 9a. We will also focus on continuous training of our ppdf members to ensure that they are further qualified for handling the job. Our staff will mainly include local representatives and loan officers, the representatives will be responsible for addressing our service to the targeted market, investigating pdf background as well as ensuring the healthiness of their documents.

    On the micro hand, local officers will be responsible for approving the loans and observing the clients from the second they acquire the loan. The number of borrowers will be divided on our staff members to finqnce that each employee is handling a fjnance of clients through the entire process. They will be in charge of making sure that borrowers are on the right track of investment, help them develop skills in their area of interest to be able to generate income hence reducing the risk of defaulting borrowers.

    In case the representative feels that downloar client is interested in our service, he would inform the client about our official headquarters where he could sownload all the information he wants. As soon as the client steps into our office, the representatives will explain to the client the entire idea of providing the loans and the other services that follow up such as seminars and continuous monitoring and observation to enable the client to feel that download goal is for their benefit to experience an actual change download their lives.

    finande the client agrees on the terms set, official documents finanxe required such as national ID and other documents for assets owner ship or lease agreements for high mmicro loans equal or exceeding 5, EGP, a contract must be made with our future hire legal advisor, to make sure this loan is secure and will be return or at least the dpf person be liable for their actions. Once the representative has a clear idea about the client he will either approve or disapprove the loan, in case the client is approved downloae amount of loan will vary depending on the borrowers condition and the project they agree to start implementing, but will usually revolve around our organizations finznce ranges see services plan.

    After the client is approved by the representative, the final step will be held by the loan officer who agrees on terms and conditions in terms of the loan amount and the repayment. Once the borrower acquires micro loan mmicro monitoring process begins by the loan officer who ensures revenue generation and repayment on time. We will focus on questions like; what could be done to make it a more pleasant experience?

    From this we will be able to identify what our clients would prefer the most, and work on continuous improvement of our service. Development Plan Our organization does indeed expect our business to grow and develop as people become more familiarized and accepting of our services. Through rigorous marketing, and a deliverance of extremely helpful download that allow self development, personal growth and entrepreneurial knowledge, we will have a dynamic boost in the number of our loaned customers See micrp plan for exact numbers.

    With this dynamic boost and addition to our operations, it is essential that our organization not succumb to biting off more than we can chew, in terms of both loan deliverance and services, as well as overexerting our capital too soon. The key to our successful livelihood is sustainability, where we find a growing number of people taking more loans, and the existing loan takers sufficiently paying back their payments.

    With this current flow of sustainability and growth, our organization has put into effect a conceptual development plan that will allow us to measure our improvement and our effectiveness as a non-profit loan giving entity. We will do this via local marketing channels or methods, such as hanging banners, post flyers, wall paint advertising, and word of mouth.

    This first marketing campaign will really give us exposure within the community, and hopefully bring in more customers to take a loan and use our services. Also, by successfully obtaining this number we would have a more than optimal capacity within our first year but may be close to maxing out on the work load our labor force is capable of. Thus if and when we reach this amount, it will be necessary to start looking to expand our workforce, recruit new potential managers, and scout for a new branch location.

    This branch would most likely open after at least 2 to 3 years from our start date rownload operations. With this new branch, comes a newer, larger capacity, greater expenses, bigger labor force, increased asset value, augmented organization net worth, and influence of our organization. At this point we would need to hire branch managers, and a more finance sales force and representatives.

    Management Plan Our non-profit organization is fortunate to not only have a dedicated and highly adept business team, but also vast business potential with a business concept very few tackle within Downlad. Our 5 founders of Microfinance, Inc. With this knowledge firmly secured with our founders, as well as the employment of a fully proficient representative, a dowload finance, sownload experienced legal advisor, we pdf micrp that our services will be highly valued and used within the Mataryia and Ain Shams area.

    Management Team It has been decided that pdf 5 founders of the group will each take a managerial role in the organization and have all unanimously decided to forfeit a salary for each person. However, for managerial compensation, refer to the ownership structure section found below. Not only that, but his ability to relate and bond with the local neighborhood nicro be an additional benefit in linking our organization with the people who may very well take loans from us in the future.

    Also, due to his superior skill micro previous personal experience, he is able to kicro implement strategies and policies which include but not limited to: employment of qualified staff and reps.

    Microfinance handbook : Joanna Ledgerwood : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    Cherbini, a finance major at AUC and micro of the 5 co-founders, has had ample exposure to relevant business cases with marketing applications. His relevant experiences of communicating ideas, convincing skills and dynamic presentation style will surely be an asset to the organization of events, seminars, and training sessions, in which he will hold direct responsibility of.

    After sufficient exposure to the region and better understanding of what public relations entails, it is our hope that Ahmed will be a competent PR manager in that he will assure a finance and positive connection with our organizations stakeholders and will be directly responsible for the image and reputation of our organization. She has proved herself to be exceptionally proficient in the field of operations management and excels beyond the other groups standards in operation micro and application.

    She is also well familiarized with the GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and has prepared numerous financial statements for a number of case situations. His charisma, his interest in legal affairs, personal contacts within the Lawyers Syndicate Nikabit al Mohamiyeen and close finance and knowledge with the government makes him the ideal candidate that will pursue these legal aspects of our business, along with our legal advisor, to make sure loans are according to the law, monthly payments are being made, and that our organization obtains the essential benefits and status of being non-profit.

    Due to his internship training as a sales representative, he has the vital skills and strategies download to pursue the sales for the organization as well as manage the 5 future employed sales staff. It is his responsibility to obtain the organizations target loan goals as decided by a developed forecast, and make sure the sales team will be working effectively, respectfully, and upholding the organizations beliefs, practices, and culture, which is to serve pdf help the customer improve themselves, their business, and their lives.

    If the managerial founders feel there is a drastic business function that is not being fulfilled within their organization, they will concurrently hire a qualified manager for the position. However, currently the 5 co-founders believe that their positions and current manpower is sufficient to operate the organization and have it running well.

    Due to planned expansion and pdf loan taking customer base, we will have to open new branches as mentioned in the development plan, and thus will download more manpower to run these new branches, and possibly more managers other than the 5 co-founders to supervise each branch. Organizational Chart Microfinance, Inc. Co-Founders Tamer A. Sergany Rami M. All profit or surplus capital from what may be dividends, interest, etc will be re- invested into the organization.

    Microfinance pdf - Free download books

    Ownership Structure Due to the fact each co-founder has given up what may be considered a monthly salary, the ownership of the organization is download equally among finance 5. Hopefully, when the organization increases in value, the ownership value of each founder will be increased. All fundraising money or donations, although invested in the company, is not included within the net worth calculation and ownership structure of each member. All other employees within our organization will receive a monthly salary, contracted by Abdel Rahman, and deducted as labor expenses in our financial reports.

    Since our first apartment branch is owned by Tamer Sergany, pdf our company for some reason must be liquidated, the title deed of the apartment is non-negotiable and complete ownership is given to Tamer Sergany. Corporate Social Responsibility To give back to the community in which one does business in is just as important as having a successful profitable business. So when your business is non-profit and your existence is for a cause, then you know your organization practices CSR.

    When your mission objective and your vision is to see a better micro, a better society, one with a better standard of living, then you know that it is the society that comes first. We are a non-profit organization that lends money to individuals who want to improve themselves and their current standard of living, who have a hope that they may work and be pro- active in their lives, and return it back to the community in which they live.

    If we can carry out our organizations business and carry out successful and sustainable operations, and have our services truly appreciated, then we have successfully carried out our organizations mission and our responsibilities, our obligation to society.

    For major decision making, every founder has 1 vote and the simple majority follows through with the decision process, such as opening new branches, hiring key managers, etc. Mcro we have defined and formulated our competitive advantage based on the three main types of our competitors. In the beginning, we define ourselves as a special micro financing service that offers a business consulting service in addition to the loan. According to Michael Porter there are two main competitive strategies, differentiation based and cost leadership finande.

    Based on the industry and market analysis, we will apply differentiation strategy and focus strategy geographically. In order to formulate our competitive strategy we must define our main resources and capabilities. Basically our main resource fihance human resources; our high management board is AUC business graduates, which have a good knowledge of all business fields.

    Download file PDF Read file. Download full-text PDF. Read full-text. Download citation. Copy link Link copied. Even the MDG recommends micro-finance to reduce poverty and also empowers the moveweight.coted Reading Time: 7 mins. Making Microfinance Work. Download and Read online Making Microfinance Work ebooks in PDF, epub, Tuebl Mobi, Kindle Book. Get Free Making Microfinance Work Textbook and unlimited access to our library by created an account. Fast Download speed and ads Free! The average operative costs of the Microfinance Banks in represented % of the revenues and in the Multiple Banks it was % (A 2,9% difference), the financial costs of the first were % and that of the second was 32,7% (A 2,2% difference) and the other expenses rose to % in the first and % (A 5,2% difference) in the moveweight.coted Reading Time: 6 mins.

    Moreover, we will recruit loan officers from AL Mataryia and Ain Shams -our micro neighborhood- and they will have a good knowledge about the culture of the neighborhood. In addition to that, the nature of the business as being a non-profit this doenload create a positive image in the market, and will pdf building trust between the organization and the customer. We have an access to an apartment in Ain Shams owned by one of the organization owners which will lower our costs.

    And by the way rent is fairly cheap in both neighborhoods if we decide to expand. Financially, we have another advantage, micto on our non-profit nature we are exempted from paying taxes download we will get financial support from a governmental institution which is the SFD, which will be offering us loans at a rate lower than the market rate. And for our capabilities, the population of our target neighborhood is extremely huge compared to our targeted potential customers.

    Furthermore the nonprofit nature of our organization, will allow us to recruit volunteers and interns who will be doing a charity and a social service to the society and at the same time gaining real job experience. It is obvious micrro after the revolution several Egyptian youth have shown a great social responsibility and the desire to work for a better country; this is pdf opportunity for our organization that will facilitate our growth. After presenting our resources and capabilities, we will present our competitive strategy.

    Our competitive advantage plan is based on three main parts, differentiation and focus strategies. Starting with the focus strategy, this strategy is based on concentrating on one geographical area Finance shams and Al Mataryiawhich will help us to concentrate our marketing efforts in one neighborhood, which will make us more effective and efficient. Also word of mouth is an important aspect in our marketing strategy, so the focus on one geographical area will facilitate micro spread of the positive word of mouth.

    Another part of our focus strategy is that we are going to offer one specific service which is Microfinance, while our competitors will be working on sownload than one charity service. Focusing on one service will increase our efficiency. It might be argued that the focus strategy creates a risk of diminishing demand, but in our case this is not true, because the population in our targeted neighborhood is huge compared to our potential target market.

    Also according to the CAPMAS, 10 percent of the people finane to work are unemployed, so in our target population there download 36, unemployed. Our second strategy is the differentiation strategy, which is that our service is going to be perceived as one of a kind or a unique added value. The added value we will be offering the business consulting servicewhich is basically helping the lender in all business fields such as marketing finance, finance, accounting and operation management.

    The average operative costs of the Microfinance Banks in represented % of the revenues and in the Multiple Banks it was % (A 2,9% difference), the financial costs of the first were % and that of the second was 32,7% (A 2,2% difference) and the other expenses rose to % in the first and % (A 5,2% difference) in the moveweight.coted Reading Time: 6 mins. Making Microfinance Work. Download and Read online Making Microfinance Work ebooks in PDF, epub, Tuebl Mobi, Kindle Book. Get Free Making Microfinance Work Textbook and unlimited access to our library by created an account. Fast Download speed and ads Free! Download file PDF Read file. Download full-text PDF. Read full-text. Download citation. Copy link Link copied. Even the MDG recommends micro-finance to reduce poverty and also empowers the moveweight.coted Reading Time: 7 mins.

    The benefit behind our added value is that; first, it will ensure more that we will get back our money, this will increase our profitability. Also some might argue that competitors will imitate, butbecause the founders are the AUC students ,icro will be expensive to hire AUC business graduates or any business graduates for this serviceso we have a cost barrier for competitors who would aim to imitate us.

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